Profs & Pints Northern Virginia: Raccoons Unmasked-Door tickets remain available.

By Profs and Pints (other events)

Sunday, December 3 2023 1:00 PM 3:00 PM EDT

Advance ticket sales have ended but plenty of additional tickets remain available at the door.

Profs and Pints Northern Virginia presents: “Raccoons Unmasked,” with John Hadidian, urban wildlife expert and instructor in natural resources for Virginia Tech.

Biologist John Hadidian spent more than 10 years hot on the trail of mischievous raccoons. Using radio transmitters and tracking collars, he followed the animals around Washington D.C. throughout the night to study their habits. His research helped make him a leading national expert on them, with federal agencies and National Geographic turning to him as a consultant on the critters. 

Come to Crooked Run Fermentation in Sterling, Va., for a fascinating interactive talk by Dr. Hadidian on what he has learned. He'll discuss raccoons' social interactions and social organization, their space use and shelter requirements, and how they forage throughout the hours when most of us are in bed. He'll also take us through their life cycle and yearly pattern, which includes mating, bearing and raising young, and fattening up in fall for lean times in winter.

Urban environments, it turns out, represent a near-perfect habitat for these wildlife generalists, which are as happy to sleep in your attic and nosh on your discarded pizza crusts as they are to munch on berries and dwell in a tree. Dr. Hadidian is full of great tales about these rascally raiders, their antics in the night, and the chaos that can ensue when raccoons and humans come face to face.

He'll be taking your questions and donating his proceeds from his talk to City Wildlife, a Washington D.C. organization devoted to helping wildlife that has been injured or orphaned. (Advance tickets: $13.50 plus sales tax and processing fees. Doors: $17, or $15 with a student ID. Listed time is for doors. Talk starts 30 minutes later.)

Image from Pixabay